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Lavisha Chandna
Web Editor
Lavisha Chandna. Student. Avid reader. Loves reading classical genre. Keen learner. Creative hand at art. Loves to Cook. Relish writing poetries and short stories. Currently writing news articles.
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Web Author
I am Shikha. My interest in social and political issues, according to me, is a byproduct of my media background. Rapidly changing world equations intrigue me and compel me to pen down my thoughts and opinions. Never ending, crazy love for sports is my priceless possession. In free time, I like to give illustrative figures to my thoughts through doodling and cartoon making.
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Shreya Maurya
Editorial Team
My name is Shreya Maurya, an engineer by profession. I love to explore creativity in any form. Writing is also a form of creativity, therefore I enjoy writing. I also have an interest in Art, Craft and Dancing. I am passionate about the things I love to do.
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Deepak Sharma
Web Sub Editor
I am Deepak Sharma from Uttar Pradesh. An engineer fun loving guy loves writing, travelling, Googling and many more. Always positive attitude and very fast learner.
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Stuti Mishra
Web Editor
A software engineer and loves to dance. She is known for her bindas attitude and believes in simple living and high thinking. A trustworthy and also a generous listener
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