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The Best Dosa places in Bangalore

    The dosa is symbolic of Bengaluru. Dosas are the ultimate comfort food, golden crispy on the outside and filled with a delicious aloo filling on the inside. And we are all aware of the power of a good dosa in getting us through a dreary Monday. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten dosa restaurants in Bangalore, where you can savour delectable, golden crispy dosas at affordable prices.

    Rava Dosa At Kamat Bugle Rock

    Rava dosa, alternatively known as semolina dosa, is a crispy and flavorful semolina dosa. The aromatic and crispy Rava Dosa is a delicious option for breakfast or a late-night snack. In Basavanagudi, Kamat Bugle Rock is the best place to sample excellent rava dosa.

    4 Foot Long Dosa At RK Dosa Camp

    One of Bangalore’s best dosa places. The ‘Family Dosa’ measures four feet in length at Bengaluru’s RK Dosa Camp. There is a quiet spot called RK Dosa Camp in Wilson Garden, but their dosa is absolutely delicious. The Family Dosa is approximately 4 feet in length and is stuffed with masala and chutney. The dosa is substantial and filling, and it serves a family of four. After all, who wouldn’t want to test their mettle against a dosa monster?

    Noodle Dosa At Dosa Aunty, JC Road

    For nearly 18 years, the owner of Dosa Aunty in Bengaluru has been preparing delicious dosas. Among the dishes available are Sada, Masala, Cheese, Rava Ghee Roast, and Noodle Dosa. Vaishnavi & Deepak Jain are well-known for their homemade dosas. She is dubbed “Dosa Aunty” because she prepares nine distinct varieties of dosa for the students at Jain College.

    Authentic Dosa At MTR, Multiple Outlets

    MTR’s filter kaapi and dosas are a popular local dish in Bengaluru. Consider the history of the Rava Idli. Bengaluru is the location of this restaurant. MTR is responsible for filter kaapi and dosas. The 93-year-old MTR has numerous stops. South Indian cuisine prepared according to tradition. The Masala Dosa (82) is a must-try, a golden-brown masala dosa topped with melted ghee. Filter Kaapi (34) is a robust and traditional filter coffee with a nutty flavour.

    Mini Masala Dosa Sidhappa Hotel, Sampangi Rama Nagar

    At the Sidhappa Hotel in Bengaluru’s Sampangi Rama Nagar neighbourhood, there are hour-long lines for the dosas. Have you ever eaten one of Sidhappa’s dosas while in Bengaluru? This popular dosas is so popular that you may have to wait up to an hour for your order. The 30-year-old dosa stall serves the best dosas and idlis in town! Mini Masala Dosas are available here for just 45 rupees and are delicious. Sidhappa is in charge, and he serves his customers crispy golden dosas.

    Gheelicious Dosa At Taaza Thindi

    Taaza Thindi is an absolute must-see for anyone who appreciates ghee. Due to the reasonable prices of its dishes, this restaurant, which has locations in Jayanagar and Banashankari, is always busy. A small, thick, and comfortable Masala Dosa. Plus, it’s topped with homemade ghee and chutney. Taaza Thindi is a South Indian snack bar serving a diverse selection of South Indian snacks.

    Pocket-Friendly Dosas At Bengaluru Cafe

    Bengaluru Cafe, another popular breakfast establishment in South Bangalore, tops our list of the best dosa places. People come here for the affordable dosas. Both the Butter Masala Dosa and the Butter Plain Dosa are only 35 rupees per serving.

    Filter Coffee & Dosa At Brahmin’s Coffee Bar

    Bangalore is home to some of the most historic and authentic South Indian breakfast joints in the country. Brahmin’s Coffee Bar in Bangalore’s Basavanagudi neighbourhood serves some of the city’s best dosa. The dosa served here is absolutely delicious, soaked in ghee.

    Masala Dosa At Vidyarthi Bhavan

    How long has it been since your last visit to Vidyarthi Bhavan? According to locals, Masala Dosa At Vidyarthi Bhavan is the best Masala Dosa in Bangalore. A dish to remember, with fluffy golden dosas, delicious potato filling, signature chutney, and waiters who serve it uniquely.

    Wafer Thin Crispy Dosa At Indian Coffee House

    You’ll find everything from delicious authentic dosas to continental fare here for the ideal breakfast or tea snack. A particular favourite is the wafer-thin crispy dosa. Along with the dosas, non-vegetarian options such as omelettes and mutton cutlets are available.

    Benne Masala Dosa At CTR

    Shri Sagar and Central Tiffin Room are two of the best dosa places in Bangalore (or CTR). Benne Masala Dosa is a soul-satisfying treat when served with melted butter and crispiness. This well-known restaurant originally opened in the 1920s.

    Pav Bhaji Dosa At Real Fresh Dosa Corner

    Real Fresh Dosa Corner is widely considered to be one of the best dosa places in Bangalore. They bring a new perspective to the traditional South Indian snack with a diverse selection of unique dosas, including Kerala Masala, Mysore Cheese, and Chinese Dosa. Take a bite of their delicious Pav Bhaji Dosa, a delectable fusion of Karnataka and Maharashtra flavours.

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