Australian PM Visit to India: Education Pioneering the Relation Build-up

Australian PM Visit to India: Education Pioneering the Relation Build-up

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has made significant move by visiting India with his Education Minister Senator Simon Birmingham and Vice Chancellors from highest rank Universities of Australia; this proved that this time the main focus is on the sector of education with this important bilateral visit. A bunch of new initiatives announced by the government of both nation together comprising of SwachBharat, Startup India ,Skilling India , Smart Cities, Digital India  and many more, this will happen under various collaborations between higher education institutes of India and Australia ,Indian government with many other organization.

India’s Stand

Now coming to India’s part, in order to stand globally we have to provide more quality higher education to the youths, now here India needs to recognise about this unique concept of making world class education dream to come true, and this can be proved to be the best opportunity for those who want to seek quality foreign education. Australian university needs to think more about getting long term flexible relationship rather thinking about enrolments.

Australia’s Agenda

As Australia is already aware of the fact that India is growing its youth’s population and already has a desire to generate more skilful workers till 2025, moreover if we consider the facts it is a bilateral tie between both the nation and in 2016 itself more than 60,000 students from India went for higher education to Australia. Hence, Australia is already considering the fact that India’s growing population can give more international students association to Australia and it will help to generate more interest of students to enrol for higher education to Australia.

However this bilateral agenda aims towards the betterment of both the nation in terms of higher education and research, this unique concept can definitely has the power to change the game and take the relationship to the next level and enormous hardship is require for both the countries to make this vision work. It is expected from India to not to miss this golden opportunity.