CBSE Class 6 to 8th Grade Syllabus and Assessment Format

CBSE Class 6 to 8th Grade Syllabus and Assessment Format

All the schools affiliated to CBSE will have to follow a uniform assessment scheme. This new scheme comprises of a two-semister system- half yearly and annual examinations from standard 6th.

CBSE Chairman, RK Chaturvedi said, “To make students more confident about facing the Class 10 board examinations when they join the upper-primary stage in Class 6, we have decided to implement a uniform system of assessment, examination pattern and report cards…”

New assessing system:

Under the new system, two periodic test of marks 10 will be conducted every semister. This periodic test will help to improve the qualty of education, prepare studends for class 10th board examinations and help in easy migration of a student from one school to another. Also the written examination will be of 80 marks. From this new academic session, students will also be marked for the notebook submission. The new pattern has been made in such a way to prepare students according to the board exams they will be appearing for in standard 10th.

One of the CBSE official said, due to the disparity in the assessment from class 6 to 9, schools issue report cards on differenr kinds. “Due to disparities in the system, students from classes 6 to 9 face several problems whenever they migrate to another school. It has become imperative to have a uniform system that makes things easier for students and other stakeholders. It will help solve migratory issues between CBSE schools as well as other educational institutions.”

Same syllabus all over CBSE schools:

CBSE also requires all the CBSE affiliated schools to follow NCERT syllabus in the upper primary classes. This step is taken to ensure uniformity in the assessment structure, examination structure and issuance of report cards.

For the better preparation of the board exams, in the annual examination of class 6th, 10% of the first term syllabus will also be assessed. Similarly in 7th annual examination, 20% of first term syllabus will also be assessed. Further, in 8th class annual examination, 30% of first term syllabus will also be assessed.


From classes 6to 8, students will be marked with grades between A1 to E. Apart from scholastic work, students will also be marked for co-scholastic where certain faction like regularity, participation, output, health and physical education will be kept in mind. The report cards of a child must bear both CBSE and School’s logo.