CBSE Introduces 6th Subject for 10th Grade Students

CBSE Introduces 6th Subject for 10th Grade Students

Central Board of Secondary Education has made six subjects mandatory for the students of grade 10th. This new change will commence from the new academic year, i.e. 2017-2018. CBSE makes it mandatory for all the students in class 10th to study vocational course as a compulsory subject.

By now, in standard 10th, there were 5 main subjects. With the addition of 6th subject i.e. vocational subject, CBSE gets 6 main subjects for the students to appear in the examination. The five subjects of class 10th boards are two languages, and three elective -social science, science and mathematics.

From the academic year 2017-2018, students will have to appear for 5+1 paper (including the vocational course). The additional vocational course has been mandated under National Skills Qualification Framework.


The lists of vocational courses offered by CBSE are:

Dynamics of Retailing,

Information Technology,


Automobile Technology,

Introduction to Financial Market,

Introduction to Tourism,

Beauty and Wellness,

Basic Agriculture,

Food Production,

Front Office Operations,

Banking and Insurance,

Marketing and Sales, and

Health Care Services.

Student need to choose any of the subject from the above 13 vocational courses.

Evaluation of the vocational course:

The vocational subject will be evaluated out of 100. The paper will be divided into 2; 1 consists of practical portion and second consists of theory. The practical part will be of 50 marks and theory too will be of 50 marks.

Merit of vocational course:

If a student fails in any of the three elective subjects (Social science, mathematics and Science) then the scores of that subject can be replaced with the vocational subject marks.

Note: If a student wish to re-appear in his/her failing subject, then he may do so by filling the compartment paper and further appearing for the same.

Along with the introduction of the 6th subject, CBSE terminates 34 vocational subjects and 7 academic electives for class 12 students. The reason for terminating these subjects is low enrolment numbers of the students.