UP CM Cancels School Holiday on Birth and Death Anniversaries of Great Personalities

UP CM Cancels School Holiday on Birth and Death Anniversaries of Great Personalities

On the occasion of birth anniversary of Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar on Friday, CM Yogi Adityanath has announced to cancel holidays in schools on birth and death anniversaries of great personalities. Adityanath said that the trend of closing schools on such occasion should be stopped. Schools will remain open on those days, he proposed that special programmes shall be organised in schools to make students aware about the great personalities.

While addressing a programme at Ambedkar Mahasabha campus in Lucknow, the Chief Minister said this proposal may not be liked or appreciated by everyone as the school holiday on these days have been in trend from many years. He further added “But the students remain unaware about the occasion and about the great personality. When they are asked about the reason for holiday, they guess that day as a Sunday,” he said that this should not happen.

The CM said that children should know about Bhimrao Ambedkar’s life and in what conditions he got his education.

Reason behind the Move

“Isliye chuttiyan band karo… school chalao (stop these holidays, let schools run),” CM said that students should be told about these great personalities. He added that such programmes will create a feeling of respect among people about these great personalities to become like them and contribute in development and growth of society and nation.

The CM said that because of a number of holidays, schools are running hardly for 120 days in an academic year while it should ideally run for at least 220 days.

Further Plans

To control the school fees in private schools, the Uttar Pradesh government is planning to take a major action. Also to control teacher’s attendance, government will introduce biometric attendance for teachers.

Here are some steps planned to be taken by the UP government in the field of education:

  • The government plans to make 80 per cent attendance compulsory for students from classes 9 to 12.
  • An academic session must have at least 220 days instead of 120 days classes.
  • Biometric attendance would also be made mandatory for teachers.
  • The government will ensure students learn at least one foreign language in classes 11 and 12.
  • Chief Minister has directed education department officials to make sure that yoga education is made compulsory for students of state government schools.
  • Girl students will receive mandatory self-defence training.