India’s first Nanobiotechnology Research Centre in India, in Collaboration with Australia

India’s first Nanobiotechnology Research Centre in India, in Collaboration with Australia

The most important aspect is the cooperation of research and education says Narendra Modi. Two countries India and Australia has signed six agreements including cooperation in fighting international terrorism and security in civil aviation. PM Narendra Modi with Australian Prime Minister addressing media said, “Both India and Australia recognise the central value of education and innovation in the prosperity of our societies.” He added, “It is no surprise, therefore, that cooperation in the field of education and research is one of the most important aspects of our engagement.”

On the inauguration of TERI-Deakin Nanobiotechnology Centre (TDNBC) he said it is a “a classic example of the kind of cutting-edge science and technology cooperation that is happening between our two countries.”

About the Research Center:

TDNBC at TERI’s Green Campus in Gurugram, Harayana is a research centre in the field of nano-biotechnology research in India. the centre offers joint Ph.D programme offered by TDNBC(India) and Deakin University(Australia). Here selected students will be provided a companion which will be jointly supervised by both TDNBC and DU. The degree received will be affiliated by Deakin University.

Australia-India Research Fund of $100 million is invested in research areas such as nanotechnology, infrastructure, smart cities, agriculture and disease control. He added, “Our joint development of bananas fortified with Vitamin A has entered the phase of field trials. Our scientists are also collaborating on developing more nutritious and hardy varieties of pulses.”

He also talked about the rate of exchange of students with the two countries. He said Australia is a home to more than 60,000 Indian students and also great number of students from Australia have been coming to India and number will increase in the coming era. “Responding to the aspirations of India’s youth, building world class institutions in India is one of the objectives of my government.”

On Energy Cooperation he said, “our dialogue and cooperation in other forms of energy including renewable energy is on the up-swing”, stating everything going well. He added, “I would also like to thank Prime Minister for Australia’s decision to join the (India-initiated) International Solar Alliance (ISA).”

Few words by Turnbull

He congratulated Modi for the International Solar Alliance. He also said that Australia is helping India in its water management policy while sharing the views of expertis in the field of renewable energy. He stated,” We are working working with India for a quality RCEP (Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership)”. RCEP is a a proposed free trade agreement between 10 member-states of ASEAN and 6 other countries (China, South Korea, Australia, India, New Zealand and Japan).