JEE Advanced Test will be possible over Mobile Phone

JEE Advanced Test will be possible over Mobile Phone

JEE is one of the biggest entrance exams in the Country. Over 1.3 million students take the JEE Mains test Exam every year out of which less than 10% are digitally equipped at present. Of which two lakh qualify to take the Advanced test, which the second and final round of the process. To get into country’s premier Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) committee has suggested the JEE Advanced test (Final round) to be conducted through mobile phones. To conduct examination on mobile phones seems to be a possible channel for the digital push in the country in the field of education. When every possible thing is going Digital, why not the exams.

The proposal of conducting the round came up to improve the advanced test round. In a recent meeting of the Joint Admission Board (JAB) the proposal has been suggested and will now this suggestion will be taken up by the IIT Council.

Aspiring engineering students for the admission into IIT needs to clear the JEE mains exam (which will be conducted as earlier), before qualifying for the JEE Advanced. According to the official sources, the JEE Advanced test is introduced so that the interest of marking logistics and evaluation becomes easier and more transparent.

More Suggestions

The exam has been suggested be split up into three papers of two-hour durations for each subject, replacing the current pattern of two papers containing all three subjects. From a candidate’s perspective, it was more natural to work at a stretch on a subject rather than switching between them.

As per the sources, they say that “the infrastructure available presently requires the conduct of the online exam in multiple sessions. Establishing equivalence of the papers used in the different sessions is an unsolved problem.”

The IIT council will conduct a meet on Friday, April 28, when the proposal will come up with a discussion for making a decision.