10 Interesting Facts about Shah Rukh Khan

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Shah Rukh khan, known worldly as “King of Romance”; “Badhshaah of Bollywood”; “King khan”…has sustained in the industry amongst the top leading Khan’s and other starts. No doubt that no other star can take away the titles associated to him. He is a man with great personality. Amongst his fans he is no less than an iconic figure. Lets look at the list below to see what facts were concealed from the public about him.

1. His original name is Abdul Rahman.

Shah Rukh Khan’s original name is Abdul Rahman not Shah Rukh which was given by his naani. (Maternal grandmother) Abdul Rahman is nowhere to be seen in any records.

2. His first salary was Rs. 50

His very first salary was Rs. 50 which he earned working as a guide at Pankaj Udas concert in Delhi.

3. Purposely avoided “Padmavati”

King khan was offered Sanjay Leela Bansali’s “Padmavati” and rumors say that by doubling his work pay, he, on a purpose kept himself off to act in the script.

4. A Pokémon Go Fan

He is said to be playing “Pokémon Go” game when he is unoccupied.

5. Launched A Perfume “SK”.

He launched a perfume “SK” in a partnership with French perfumers and Jeanne Arthes.

6. Fears riding a horse

An actor, seen in diverse roles, be it in “Baazigar”, “Don” or “Kal Ho Na Ho”, has a fear of riding a horse.

7. 2nd richest actor in the world.

He is second amongst the top leading and highers paid actors. His net pay worth is 600 Million USD, approximate Rs. 3600 Crore.

8. His Restaurant

During his struggling days Shah Rukh khan was set to run a restaurant/dhaba in Darya Ganj to meet his survival.

 9. Parents could not taste his Fame

Its sad to hear that Sharukh’s parents could not see him being popular because of destiny. His father died when he was just 15 and mother passed away when he was 25. If they would have been alive, surely, they must have been proud of him.

10. Wax Statue

His wax statue has been made and displayed at Madame Tussaud’s in London.