15 Amazing Facts About Akshay Kumar You Don’t Know

15 Amazing Facts About Akshay Kumar You Don’t Know

An actor known for his disciplined life. He believes in the policy “early to bed and early to rise”. Lets see what all makes him different from his contemporaries.

Here are 15 interesting facts about Akshay Kumar you should know

  1. Akshay Kumar is known as one of the most disciplined actors in the film industry. He has a fixed routine in a day. He wakes up at 4.30 in the morning. His last meal in a day is at 7 in the evening and goes to bed atleast two hours after his meal.
  2. His physical fitness includes swimming, basketball, climbing staircase, martial arts, and yoga, stretching exercises and meditation daily.

(This is probably his fitness secret, including the healthy diet.)

  1. He gives priority to martial arts over gym. And also practices kickboxing and shadowboxing.
  2. He prefers keen muscles to bulky one.
  3. He likes vacation in Manali, Himachal Pradesh over abroad. For him Manali is the perfect tourist destination.
  4. He has launched Martial art school, a self-defense Centre in Mumbai with Aditya Thackeray for providing training to women.
  5. His healthy lifestyle makes actors like Ranveer Singh feel energetic.
  6. He lectures people not to rush after getting six-pack abs, instead follow a healthy lifestyle. “Eat Healthy And Stay Healthy”. He also suggests people to stay away from steroids.
  7. He has now become a man of the house. Once he was rumored as a Casanova.
  8. He hardly attends any party or events if not related to the professional front.
  9. He is very punctual about being on a vacation. He goes for it atleast twice a year.
  10. His production house “Hari Om” is named after his father. He duly respects his parents.
  11. He had a whip from his father for getting a low score in 7th
  12. He went to Bangkok to learn martial arts. To survive, he worked as a waiter and also as a chef.
  13. He first appeared on screen as a martial art instructor in Mahesh Bhatt’s movie AAJ (1997).


A lot can be learned from his story! He is truly an inspiration not just for the actors or his fans but each and every citizen! He is actually a macho-man.