8 Interesting Facts About Aamir Khan You Should Know

8 Interesting Facts About Aamir Khan You Should Know

Aamir Khan is Bollywood’s Mr. Perfectionists and is also known for his roles and acting skills. Not just that he is also a sports champ. The man is pure by heart and also down to earth.

 1. Aamir khan started his career as an actor at a tender age.

perfectionist made his first step in the Bollywood at an age of eight, by making a special appearance in a famous song “Yadoon Ki Baaraat” in the year 1973.

2. He is quite an all rounder!

He is not just excelling in his performance as an actor but also this guy has made his state proud. He has played tennis at various state levels. (A Champ!)

3. His family tree also includes leader APJ Abdul Kalam Azaad.

Aamir khan has sort of blood relations with the great leader Abdul Kalam via his grandmother connections.

It is also being said his second child “Azaad” is being named after his grandfather…(Abdul Kalam Azaad).

4. He has stepped into the list of directors.

He is the only among the Khans who has worn a director’s His first debut as a director was a very know movie “Taare Zameen Par”. He has also proved himself as a director by doing worth-watching movies.

5. Earnest is the quality that can be attached to him.

Frequently many actors are seen being transparent to their fans and have a talk in a mocking or pun intended tone, it is surprising to believe that Aamir’s view on this are completely opposing. He wants everybody to take his words as an intellectual level.

 6. Only star who has spoken against awards shows.

No other actor than exquisite Aamir khan has open spoken against the system of award shows. Ranking stardoms over the others. According to him this judging system is completely wrong.

In 2012, gleaming man produced and hosted a television show “Satyamev Jayate” highlighting the social issues and problems existing in our society.  No other actor has shown such guts. * Hats off to the step taken*

7. Acting was against his parents will

His step towards acting was against his parent’s permission but his luck and his faith supported him that helped him mark his space in the film industry.

 8. The actor is very down to earth.

He was approached by Madame Tussauds wax museum to get his wax statute made. He denied as his feels his work and efforts are more important and of worth for his fans than being made his statue.