8 Unknown facts about Sunny Deol

8 Unknown facts about Sunny Deol

Sunny Deol is a great actor known for combative roles in his action films. He is an amazing action hero. Few of his major hits are Border, Gadar, Damini. He tries to stay away from media. Actor’s famous dialogue “Dhai Killo Ka Haath jab kissipe padhta hai na, toh aadmi ut-tha nahi uth jata hai.” from his movie “Damini”. He is also one of those actors with no rivalry in the Bollywood Industry.

1. Completely opposite of what he is in the movies.

Sunny Doel is known doing action movies and playing aggressive roles but in reality he is very soft-spoken and introvert kind of a person.

2. He studied acting in England.

Sunny Deol is known for his Desi style in the Bollywood has learned acting in Birmingham in the Old World Theatre

3. His original name is not “Sunny”.

Sunny Deol’s original name is “ Ajay Singh Deol” not Sunny. Sunny was his nickname given by family.

4. His first Debut as an actor.

His first debut was the movie “Betaab” (1993) opposite Amrita Singh. His performance was spectacular because of which he is still appreciated. “Beetab”, romantic-action drama, made him earn the Filmfare award for Best Debut.

5. His first debut as a director and producer.

Movie “Dillagi” featuring Bobby Deol and Urmilla   Matondkar was Sunny Deol’s debut as a director and a producer.

6. His wife has never faced media.

Sunny Deol’s wife Pooja Deol has never faced media till date like other celebrity wives. She keeps herself away from the public appearances.

7. Cameo role in Damini.

Sunny was offered to play a cameo role in the movie Damini; his acting was so intense and fabulous that he became the central character of the movie.

8. He was an athlete.

In an interview, when he was asked about if he initiating the body building trend. The actor replied, “ I didn’t start the body building trend. I was never into bodybuilding or anything. I was basically an athlete. I was a sports guy and I portrayed characters which were basically of the youth of that era.”