Disha Patani Shuts the Trolls Who Pointed Finger on Her Outfit

Disha Patani Shuts the Trolls Who Pointed Finger on Her Outfit

One more Indian Actress faces sexual harassment through online abuse and comments. This is a very shameful thing.  But this actress given a reply to all such people and put a lock on their mouths. The girl is none another than Disha Patani.  Yes the MS Dhoni movie’s girl. With the success of movie she was highlighted and famous but after a short break of time she again comes with shocking news.

About the Event

The jio Filmfare award 2017 was held on last month. Disha Patani wore a cleavage baring gown. After this she posted a pic on Instagram and then she found a lot of comments over there. A lot of nasty comments were there and the thing was not stopped there. This abusing and comments continue till a short period of time. Disha stayed silent but after some days she got angry and give a best and amazing reply to all of them, all the voices was stopped after reading this.

Disha’s hit back to such people

Disha lashed out from this abuse and comments then she asked people to” stop hypocrisy, she also said that just open your mind and start accepting that we are not going to be anybody’s idea of an Indian Girl.”

Image of an Indian Girl

People start giving her unusual advice about outfits, exposure and all. With the post of a comment she asked people that they didn’t know the boundaries between a human being and an animal. She called them cheap as they do such types of comments to her. She takes this step after being fully fed up from all such cheap and rubbish comments.

The trend of Bollywood gossip will be continued but the way Disha Patani shuts down to all who tried to put finger on her character and dress is really amazing. No one have the right to point out anyone. She just posted a picture of her choice then why such people show their views in a negative way. If a girl wears such type of dress then that doesn’t mean she is offering you something or have a bad character. Disha Patani shuts all the mouths with her comment.