Couple Claim ‘Dhanush Is Our Son’

An Old Couple Claim ‘Dhanush Is Our Son’

There is one more shocking news comes nowadays. It is really shocking for all of us and also for him who is the part of this. A couple files a case in court and claims that the famous actor Dhanush is their son. As according to laws they claims a paternity case in which they put their effort in proving that Dhanush is their third son and he ran away when he was so young.

Dhanush Identity

As according to affidavit submitted by him his full name is R.K. Vengasdesha Prabhu which later changed by his father to K.Dhanush. His father also changed his name from R.Krishnamoorthy to R. Kasthoory Raja. He was born on 28 July 1983 in Chennai. He is 33 years old now. He also submits his passport and other details for the proof of his identity. He also shows the copy of ration card which was issued to his family in 2005. It contains the name of his father, mother, brother and sister too. His brother is a film director.

What’s the matter

On Wednesday a couple named R.Kathiresan 65 years old and his wife K.Meenakshi 53 years old filed a case in court that the famous actor Dhanush is their son. They said that his son ran away when he was studied in school for making career in film. They also submit his T.C. of school and also a mole on his collar bone. They said that the same mark was on his son’s body. When they saw him in movies they recognized him and make efforts for getting his son back. The couple also seeking a monthly maintenance of Rs. 65000 from Dhanush as he is their third son. The couple also submit the ration card copy and birth certificate of Dhanush in which his name was K. Kalaichelvan, he dropped out his school in 2005 and moved to Chennai for making his career.


Both couple and the family members of Dhanush submitted their own proofs. Their proofs are legal but till now it is not decided who is right and who is wrong. Court also warn to Dhanush that till the case will not close he will not allowed to go anywhere outside even for shooting or any other purpose.