Raabta: Inspired by 300’s; A Hollywood Fantasy War Drama

Raabta: Inspired by 300’s; A Hollywood Fantasy War Drama

Raabta, starring Sushant Singh Rajput and Kriti Sanon is set between two different eras. It seems to be inspired by 300’s a Hollywood fantasy war drama. It is a romantic-drama, scheduled to be release on 9th June. It was extensively shot in Budapest.

The trailers of the movie were shown to few senior officials. It got the “positive” remarks by them with great appreciation.

Some senior official who saw the trailer:

One of senior officials said about the movie, “its beautifully done and look larger-than-life. Sushant and Kriti look great. The eras have been neatly etched out.”

With this readers can clearly say that the movie might come in a different form as the usual movies have been in a long run. The pair is applauded for their acting and skills in the movie.

Sunshant Singh Rajput in an interview:

Earlier, Sushant in an interview gave hints about his movie. “There is something like that. We’ve tried our best to make the film look great. There is a part of the film that is set in another era. And there is no reference for that time period. There is no image. So we’ve created something of our own. We just hope it resonates with the audience. We’ve put our heart into it”

Kriti Sanon, female lead of Raabta says:

Kriti Sanon, shares her views on the dubbing part in the movie, “Dubbing is like reliving the whole film, every single emotion in a small silent room! Hated it! Strangely have started enjoying it now. “

Actor, Varun Dhawan talks about Sushant Singh Rajput:

“Sushant is an amazing actor. The way he improvises, gets into the skin of the character. Once you’ve become the character, you start behaving like that. So the improvisations happen naturally.”