Shah Rukh Khan to Quit Smoking and Drinking

Shah Rukh Khan to Quit Smoking and Drinking

Shah Rukh Khan is a perfect figure for people to learn to balance the personal as well as professional life perfectly. He is a doting father of three, his third child Abram Khan is four years old and now SRK has a fear of not getting enough time to spend with his children. He said presence of child at the age of 50, is a good thing. It makes a person come alive, and also it teaches to see innocence and love in a different way.

He has a fear of spending sufficient time with his family because of his passing age. He wants to spend the next 20-25 years of his life with his kids. He is planning to quit Smoking and Drinking and adopt a Healthier lifestyle.

Shah Rukh Khan was 15 years old when his parents passed away and he says he holds that against them. He said he don’t want his children to hold that against him that he wasn’t there with them. He wants to be with his children in every up’s and down of time, to guide them, and he also wants to see their future relations. Superstar said he is working with younger people to keep up with his children to understand the generation even better.

SRK has also promised his family of not getting into any trouble again. His last biggest controversy was at the Wankhede Stadium during an IPL match in 2012. He also said that in today’s world one should be decent, gracious and should bow down a little. It’s a different world today, he added. One should speak their mind in the bathroom.

SRK’s Upcoming film

Shah Rukh Khan is currently working with Imtiaz Ali for the first time; the title of the film is not yet official. But tentatively titled “The Ring”, Anushka Sharma is also to be seen in the lead. Director and SRK have been spotted at 4am. SRK posted a picture on tweeter of the director riding a bicycle and wrote “Late nite discussions with my director Imtiaz. He said Aaj Kal main sirf Highway par Tamasha karta hoon”. The actor was after him in his car.