Swara Bhaskar Refused to Play the role of Shah Rukh’s Mother

Swara Bhaskar Refused to Play the role of Shah Rukh's Mother

One of the breaking news comes from Bollywood which makes us laugh and shock both. As we all know that there is a huge fan following of King Khan, many Bollywood actresses also are the craziest fan of him. One of the biggest fans from Bollywood is Swara Bhaskar. She wants to play the role of his girlfriend or wife. The funniest thing she clearly declared that she wouldn’t play the role of his sister or daughter then director offered her the role of his mother and she refused it.

About Swara Bhaskar

Swara Bhaskar is one of the finest actresses. We have seen her earlier in other strong supportive roles. She is very talented lady. Now she is gearing up next as Anarkali of Arrah. She is one of the biggest fans of Shah Rukh Khan. According to her statement, she has a big desire to play a romantic role with him. She wants to be a romantic couple in any of the movies or any small role but after a while, she got disappointed. She also played a good role in Tanu weds Manu. She approached all directors for a romantic role with king khan.

Fun with the role

Swara Bhaskar is very crazy about Shah Rukh. Her desires do not come true. She literally cleared to all directors that she wants a role with Shah Rukh but should be his sister or daughter and director took her call very serious and offered her the role of the mother in his next film. She refused that offer. All her dreams and comes will break down and she will be disappointed again. As King Khan is one of the most brilliant and romantic actors of Bollywood. His fan following is start from public to celebrities. Each and every person loves to do work with him then why she takes a back step. Her craziness for king Khan is quite normal.