When Two Begum Jaans Meet: Rituparna Sengupta and Vidya Balan in One Frame

When Two Begum Jaans Meet: Rituparna Sengupta and Vidya Balan in One Frame

Bengali film industry’s famous Rituparna Sengupta’s breath-taking performance as a madam of a brothel in Rajkahini, the original of Begum Jaan was much appreciated and bagged many awards. It was released in October 2015, by taking it to 19 film festivals was a commercial hit.

Vidya Balan reached Kolkata to promote Begum Jaan which is to release this Friday, there she met Rituparna Sengupta. Vidya and Rituparna not only interacted to chat but also came together for a lovely picture. They also cut cake with the cast of the film, including the Director. After their meet they appreciated each other on twitter.

Vidya Balan was asked about her competition for the film with Rituparna Sengupta, Vidya said– “I do not have any competition with Ritu didi. She is a dear friend and delivered a powerful performance as ‘Begum Jaan’ in the Bengali film.” Vidya also expressed her wish to work with more Bengali directors.

Rumours for the Original Begum Jaan

There was once a rumour which turned into a small controversy as when director Srijit Sarkar said that his first choice for Rajkahini was Vidya Balan but due to some reasons Vidya could not step ahead for the film. This not only made the Bengali actor upset but then she also shared her strong opinion on the same. “I am not aware that he had wanted Vidya in Rajkahini, too. Or why he’s saying that today. We were in talks about doing a film together for the longest time. Srijit had told me that he would come to me only when he had a role which matters. I was in Delhi attending an event. When I checked my phone, I saw it had 10 missed calls! He called again and said, ‘I have got something very exciting for you. I asked him to wait for me till I returned and the moment I reached Kolkata he was at my home, ready with the script and concept”.

Vidya Balan by her statement on the same controversy had cleared the air; she said “Srijit wanted to shoot the film with Rituparna Sengupta in Bengali and with me in Hindi, simultaneously. I couldn’t work that time so I thought he will go and make a bilingual movie but he just made the Bengali version. I think I was destined to play Begum Jaan.”

The film is all set to hit the theatres coming Friday, 14th April.