Q: How frequently you update your news website?

Ans: We update our website as soon as the news breaks.

Q: I want to be part of your site. Is there any vacancy?

Ans: Yes, you can definitely check the vacancy/openings. You can reach us directly, check ‘Contact Us’ section.

Q: Can you post my news coverage on your news website?

Ans: You can share your posts with us. Our editors will review your articles and if they find it worthy, we will definitely post your post on PressCS.com.

Q: Is there any news app of Presscs.com?

Ans: You can access Presscs.com from your mobile devices. There is no any App but we will soon release our app in the coming months.

Q: How do I share any post or article from your website?

Ans: You can share any article on email or social media platforms. There are share buttons for Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.

Q: How do I comment on any article?

Ans: To comment on any article, you just have to fill the form and you can comment on any post.

Q: How do I contact Presscs.com?

Ans: Visit our Contact Us page and find all details there.

Q: I commented on one of the article on your website, but it didn’t appear in comments. Why?

Ans: Generally we do not moderate or delete the comments. Your comment might be under review. Using any hateful language or irrelevant information will not be acceptable. Please provide us with your valid E-mail address so that we can confirm with author e-mail address before deleting any account or comment.