Finally the Days of Free Withdrawal Are Over

Finally the Days of Free Withdrawal Are Over

As we all know that due to demonetisation all the banks  provided us so many facilities.  So now finally it’s time to over all such free withdrawals that are provided by banks like Axis, ICICI,  HDFC bank etc. They reintroduced their cash charges. These charges are for transactions through branches not by ATM. Due to lack of cash, people face faced so many problems so keep that point in mind all the banks provided such free facilities to their customers. From such facility the customer and banker both were happy and easily did their work.

Rules of banks

According to the rules of bank there will be no charge for first four transactions in a month on the branches at your home city. But the amount of Rs. 5 be charged as per thousand rupees and after this its Rs. 150 in the same month.  The limit of third party would be Rs. 50,000 per day.  The rules are little different but are favourable for us. If you deposit cash at ICICI Bank, it will charge at Rs 5 per thousand at branches while the deposit of cash acceptance machine will be free. After this the charge of Rs 5  per thousand

Charges on ATM

The charges of ATM also be changed. As according to the rules of axis bank if you done the transaction of Rs 10 lakh , deposit and withdrawal of cash will be free and it will be charged Rs 5 per thousand or Rs 150 when you increase the limit. They also announced that all these rules are for the comfort of public and customers. There will be no fees for cash deposit.  This rule applied from today.