Half-Girlfriend Trailer: Bihari Boy in Search of his Half Girlfriend is Out

Half-Girlfriend Trailer: Bihari Boy in Search of his Half Girlfriend is Out

One of the most awaited movie of the year. Chetan Bhagat’s novel Half Girlfriend is set to hit the screen soon.  The trailer of the movie is out today but it didn’t seem to be very impressive. Though the visuals and music of the movie is fantastic but the trailer failed to connect us completely.

The trailer begins with Arjun Kapoor as Madhav Jha, a Bihari boy from a village facing a personal interview for the admission in St. Stephens College. He tries to answer the question asked to him in English by the interviewer but failed in his attempts to answer the question; soon he admits that he wants to answer in Hindi. Madhav come across Riya Somani played by Shraddha Kapoor who’s a basketball player in the college. Further the story is quite predictable. The village boy falls in love with the high society girl friendship takes the shape and then the obvious question from the boy to the girl “hum apke hain kaun” comes the way. Riya Somani who is not in love with Madhav says she can be his “Half Girlfriend”. Madhav’s friend (played by Vikrant Massey) explains the term ‘Half Girlfriend’ to him, he says there is nothing as half, 3/4th, 1/4th the only concept is either it is or it is not. And then the trailer further shows Madhav running in the NYC to get Riya back so that she does not remain just his half girlfriend forever.

What made and what not

There is a thing that don’t work for the trailer and that is Arjun Kapoor’s Bihari accent which is a lot different from his body language and styling. Shraddha Kapoor is impressive playing basketball but apart from that, she was missing from the trailer. The best part which connected is Vikrant Massey, who nails his act with the perfect accent and the striking music of the film.

Actor Arjun Kapoor says “it is sad that people in India judge others on the basis of how well they speak English and those who struggle with the language are often made fun of. Arjun says there are people who will understand Hindi but will respond in English to sound cool”. About the concept of Half Girlfriend Shraddha Kapoor says “that it is a real concept and it happens as in two people cannot decide whether to make it to marriage or to be just friends. This makes a half-story of a half girlfriend or a half-boyfriend”.

Movie set to release on 19th May.

Watch Half-Girl Friend Trailer Here