Nestle’s Drive towards Reducing Salt and Sugar from their Products

Nestle’s Drive towards Reducing Salt and Sugar from their Products

Alarmed by increasing rates of obesity and diabetes, India plans to draft some rules in less than a month where manufacturers will have to reflect their fat, sugar and salt content of products on packaging. Government also plans to impose “fat-tax” for the junk food.

For the same, several food and drink multinational and trade groups met in the recent times and discussed “ how to lobby more effectively against Indian proposals for higher taxes and stricter labeling rules on fatty or sugary foods.”

Executives from the companies like Nestle, PepsiCo and Indian Consumer firm ITC met trade groups in New Delhi to have some discussion on the topic. And also urged the Centre to resist pressure from health advocates.

With the introduction of the new rule or the fat-tax, companies will have to bear some expenses. Along with that, one more rule will be passed to display the amount of salt/sugar/fats included in the manufacturing of a specific product for the awareness amongst the consumers. All such effects are made by the government to bring back the healthy environment and maintain the life or “young-minds”

Neither Nestle nor PepsiCo spoke directly on the outcome of the meeting. Also there was no response from ITC.

According to the sources, Nestle has decided to cut salt and sugar from its products. They have decided to go on a healthier version.  Nestle last week made a commitment last week to make healthier products, for which it is reducing salt and sodium content in its Maggi noodles, cutting sugar by about 10% in Kit Kat chocolates and other dairy products. Nestle is all ready for its “health drive”. It will work on low-sugar and low salt in their products. The company assured to reduce sugar by 5% and sodium by 10% by the year 2020. On the website, it reads, “we will extend our guidance on portions to our consumer recipes and relevant teenager and adult products by 2020.”

Smart step has been taken by Nestle for the healthier life of its consumers. Lets see how many other companies do the same and walk on making “Healthy India”.

Eat healthy and stay healthy, that what should be the moto of every consumer.