On PM Narendra Modi’s Degree, DU says it has No Records

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Prime Minister’s accusation regarding his degree dies down now. Narendra Modi is said to have passed out from the college in the year 1978 from Delhi University’s School of Open Learning (SOL). The university claims that it doesn’t have any records as all the records of students are maintained only for an year or so,

In order to seek the list of students that qualified in the year 1978 from SOL, the university says, ‘The data is not maintained in the branch in the order as desired by the applicant.’

Further queries were made to the university regarding the students of 1978. If there is any list including students roll number, names and father’s name. to this, the authorities replied, ‘No such list is maintained in the branch. As per weeding rules of the university, spare copies of the published result is kept only for one year.’

Meenakshi Sahay, Central Public Information Officer (CPIO) on the enquiry said, ‘ The information sought by the applicant was endorsed to the Dean (Exam), OSD (Exam), Joint Registrar (Degree) and Section Officer (Information) of the University, who are the deemed PIOs under section 5(4) and 5(5) of the Right to Information Act, 2005.’ She added, ‘Further, relevant input, received from the Dean (Exam), OSD (Exam), Joint Registrar (Exam), indicates that the University, otherwise, treats the data of the students pertaining to the examination taken by them while pursuing a course in the University as personal to the students concerned which can be disclosed only to the student concerned. She also said, ‘The disclosure of such information has no relationship to any public activity or interest. Disclosure of such information is exempt under section 8(1)(j) of the Act.’

The Central Information Commission (CIC) charged a fine of INR 25,000 on CPIO for rejecting an RTI application seeking details regarding Modi’s graduation degree. Later, Delhi High Court stayed the CIC order directing Delhi University students to allow inspection of records of all students who had passed the BA degree exam in 1978.