Reliance Industries Coming up with the Alternate Wood in the Market

Reliance Industries Coming up with the Alternate Wood in the Market

Reliance Industries has signed an agreement with Resysta International GmbH  to exclusively sell woods in the Indian market. Resysta exculsively makes natural dibre polymer-composite and further sells it to the firms in the country. Now, Reliance has joined hands with the Resysta to sell such product in India.

About the Product:

The product in the market is already known as RelWood. It is a raw material which will further help in the production of wood sheets and in a great variety of products. It will work as a replacement to the use of woods and plywood in making large variety of products. The physicality of RelWood will be very much similar to that of wood in the market, but originally it will be a blend of additives, natural fibres and polymers. It will be one of the most durable woods in the market. Once they are in, them no tress will be cut.

Chief Operating Officer of RIL, Vipul Shah said, “through this strategic partnership with Resysta, RIL looks forward to producing the RelWood compound exclusively to meet the fast growing demand of a real alternative to tropical wood. Resysta is a leading German innovator, and together we will offer Indian consumer cutting edge technological product as an alternate to natural wood.”

CEO, Resysta International, Bernd Duna said, “we are currently licensing our technology across the world and have found in RIL our perfect partner for India. By manufacturing the Resysta compound locally, the products become even more enviornment friendly and easily available.”

Apart from Resysta, other International company Armstrong and Pergo have already entered the market for the purpose of alternate wood. They are at the present looking for a alliance in the local market who can fulfill al