Happy Republic Day: How to Celebrate in Offices and Schools

“Republic day celebration”
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Republic day is a day when Constitution of India came into force on 26th January 1950. Though it was implemented on 26thNovember 1949 but came into effect from 26thJanuary 1950 with a democratic government system.

The main celebration is done in the capital city of India that is New Delhi, at Rajpath. On this day, parades are held which are performed as the tribute to our nation. Further Beating Retreat is done on 29th of January, evening. The bands of three wings of the military that is Indian army, Indian navy and Indian air force perform it.

How Republic Day can be celebrated in the office?

  1. Office can be decorated with a theme of “Republic Day”.
  2. In the free time, a game can be organized like“Antakshari” can be played. Song list must include all the patriotic songs.
  3. Men and women should accompany wearing a traditional outfit. Where they can showoff their culture.
  4. A programme can be set, where a flag hosting ceremony should be held followed by National Anthem.
  5. During the programme people can come up enacting on any leader. With his/her inspirational words.
  6. Game can be played. Allot a sheet to everyone. In a time of one minute, whosoever writes the maximum number of anything (related to India, be it a patriotic song, leader, national monuments, leader etc.) wins the game.

How Republic Day can be celebrated in the school?

  1. School must be decorated with the theme of “Republic Day”
  2. Ask teachers and students to come in tricolor dress.
  3. A ceremony must be performed which must include, flag hosting, parades, and national anthem.
  4. Students must be encouraged to play some role of a leader or screen a play so that every student gains the knowledge of each freedom fighter.
  5. A quiz can be played, encouraging students to more about the constitution of India.
  6. A competition can be held in the school, where a flag making competition or Indian heritage collage making can be done.