Tata Motors Launched AMT Buses at Just INR 21 Lakhs

Tata Motors Launched AMT Buses at Just INR 21 Lakhs

Tata Motors has launched buses with a technology called Automated Manual Transmission. Such buses have been introduced keeping in mind the “high-traffic urban use.” The bus will be ranging from 12 metres and 9 metres. The price of bus would be ranging approximately INR 21 Lakhs onwards.

These buses have been made especially keeping in mind the present situation of the city. Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) is such a technology which automatically uses the vechile’s clutch and adjust the gears. This technology has been made by keeping in mind the vehicle load and road inclination which ultimately results in optimized gear shifts and fuss-free driving. The bus comes from known brands like Starbus and Ultra bus.  The vehicle will give 3 percent of more fuel efficiency. The sitting capacity of the bus is approximate 23-54 passengers.

Ravi Pisharody, Executive Director, commercial vehicles said, “The launch of our range of AMT buses is yet another example of how best we understand our customers. Having developed the AMT technology for our buses with Wabco, we will continue to work with partners like them to develop and introduce products with best-in-class value proposition, delivering world-class solutions for customers.”

This automated technology was by now seen in the cars, but now, it will be available in buses too. Driving will now be less tiring. AMT will surely help the drivers to ride the buses without any tiredness.

Hoping, this technology will be beneficial to all, the drivers as well as to the riders. With the launch of new buses, the hustle created in already launched buses will reduce.