TVF founder and Chief Executive Arunabh Kumar Accused of Sexual Harassment

TVF founder and Chief Executive Arunabh Kumar Accused of Sexual Harassment

An ex-employee of The Viral Fever accused TVF founder and Chief Executive Arunabh Kumar of molesting her. She has accused Kumar of sexual advances multiple times. Further when she complained about it to her boss, she was asked to move out. She got cold replies and nobody took her serioiusly on this matter.

This girl took Facebook as a platform against Arunabh Kumar to make him charge for his unjust. Wherein several other cases of sexual harrasment on women in TVF camein. Reema Sengupta claims to be the victim of Kumar’s inappropriate oventures during a shoot. Another ex-employee, Aayushi Agarwal shared the similar experience of humiliation.

‘The Indian Uber-that is TVF’ one of the girl employee said, 21 days into the job, she was sexuallly harassed for the first time, after which sexual advances by Arunabh Kumar got routine.

When Arunabh Kumar was being enquired about this matter, he did not respond to any of the calls to comment on this matter.

Further when company was asked to talk on this matter, the company denied all the allegations made against it and its team. In the email, company said,’ we take a lot of pride in our team and in making TVF a safe workplace that is equally comfortable for women and men.’

The company also plans to find out the author of the article and bring her to ‘severe justice’ for ‘false allegations’.

Biswapati Sarkar, co-founder at TVF, says, “after working for two straight nights, I wake up to an unverified article written by a non-existent person. People sharing, calling us names. It makes for a great fictional story. I’m sure more anonymous ‘ex-TVF’ employee stories will drop in.“