Violence in Ramjas College, Courage of Gurmehar Kaur

Violence in Ramjas College, Courage of Gurmehar Kaur

There is a latest update from Delhi University where the students of ABVP is carrying out a march to express their views. For this a girl Gurmeher Kaur also spoken up in the favor of “Freedom of Speech”. There is a big war and argue between all of them. The issue comes to that point where some political leaders also tend to make favor of that girl and come down between that war.

Who is Gurmehar Kaur

The girl who is highlighted today in front of us is the daughter of Captain Mandeep Singh who was martyred in 1999 at a terrorist attack in Jammu and Kashmir. The girl is 20 years old and also the student of Delhi University. She withdraw herself from the campaign against ABVP i.e. Akhil Bhartiya Vidhyarathi Parishad. She also complained against them to Delhi commission for women about receiving death threats on social media. She also said one thing with the help of her profile picture i.e. she is not afraid of ABVP, she is not alone, every student of India is with her.

Support she get

The brave girl Gurmeher Kaur gets the support of so many politicians and other celebrities. As some of them are against her like Kiren Rijiju said that someone is polluting her mind and also compared the students of Delhi University with gangsters  then Javed Akhtar comes in the support of girl and tweeted that he don’t know about her but he knows very well about the one who is polluting the mind of ministers. Gurmeher Kaur also gives a reply that she has her own mind and she is not an anti- national.  As similarly Delhi Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Rahul Gandhi also supports to Gurmeher Kaur and promised that they always support her.

What is happening in DU Campus?

There is also a Tiranga march by all the students. Another thing is the students and faculty members of JNU and DU will also march from Khalsa College in North Campus to the art faculty. Both AAP and Congress party also ready to join that protests. This campaign goes viral because it gets support from such political parties and students across all the colleges.