Wipro has Fired 600 Employees on the Basis of Performance Appraisal

Wipro has Fired 600 Employees on the Basis of Performance Appraisal

Wipro as per the reports has fired 600 employees as a part of its annual performance appraisal. The figure is expected to rise from 600 to 2000 employees. By the end of the annual year 2016, Wipro had approximate 1.79 lakh employees.

When asked on the step taken regarding dismissing hundred of employees, the company said the step was taken after a “rigorous performance appraisal process”. He employees were judged on the basis of business objectives, strategic priorities of the company and other client’s requirements. Further company did not clearly spoke on the number of employees, which have been dismissed from the company.

The company also says the process of performance evaluation is based on mentoring, retraining and upskilling of Wipro employees. Company is expected to declare it total number of employees by 25th April. “ this systematic and comprehensive performance evaluation process tiggers a series of actions such as mentoring, retraining and upskilling.  The performance appraisal may also lead to the separation of some employees from the company and these numbers vary from year to year,” said the company.

The percent of employees shown doors are less than one percent of the company’s total workmen.  The step was followed by Cognizant dismissing its 6000 job employess which was exactly 1 percent of the total workforce.

About Wipro:

It is a Bengaluru based IT company and has secured to become the second highest IT company. It was incorporated in 1945 as “Western India Palm Refined Oil Limited”  and was later renamed as “Wipro”.