Chicken Fry

Simple Chicken Fry Recipe Quick and Easy

Simple chicken fry recipe is a very simple to cook as the recipe sounds. Chicken dishes and snacks are very commonly loved food not only in India but in abroad also. Taste Simple chicken fry tastes mild spicy in with a crunchy outer layer and juicy chicken inside. The chicken is moist from inside and […]

Chilli Chicken Restaurant Style

Chilli Chicken is most famous starter dish that needs no introduction, this famous dish basically comes from Indo Chinese cuisine family having combination of flavours from both the countries. It is the most popular dish served in any famous to local restaurants. Taste: Chilly Chicken is actually marinated with spices and cooked with different kinds […]

Kerala Style Fish Curry

Kerala style fish curry a lip smacking dish made using fish and variety spices. Fish dishes are loaded with unique flavours and Kerala style has its own unique finger licking spicy combination. Kerala style fish curry can be found in any local restaurant but now you can easily make at your home. Taste Kerala style […]