Air India Cancelled Mr. Gaikwad AirplaneTickets Again

Air India Cancelled Mr. Gaikwad AirplaneTickets Again

Air India had continously been refusing Ravindra Gaikwad, Shiv Sena party member to fly. His tickets from Mumbai to Delhi has been cancelled which were booked for later this month. He booked his tickets first from Mumbai to Delhi and then his return tickets from Delhi to Mumbai.

Air India refused to the tickets as Mr Gaikwad assaulted sixty-year-old Air India manager on 23rd of March. After his spoke words of insults, Gaikwad apologises to the parliament for his act and further refuses to tale apology from the man he insulted.

Union of the AirIndia employees claims that the airline must boycott the politician till the time he provides with “uncondition apology” and further commits in writing for his mistake.

Mr. Gaikwad protecting his end, said that he made no attempts to book air tickets from AirIndia. He said, “I didn’t book any tickets.. Let Air India check it. “

Gaikwad accused AirIndia of providing poor services. He added that his business class tickets from Pune to Delhi was not prestigious. The flight in which he was operating had all-economy class. He claims that the company did not inform this news to him whereas Company said that he was informed. After a while when flight landed, Mr. Gaikwad refused to get off from the flight. Soon when manager boarded the plane and enquired him about him  being upset, Gaikwad erupted with insults