Anybody Having more than 2 Children is not Applicable for Government Job: Assam Government

Anybody Having more than 2 Children is not Applicable for Government Job: Assam Government

The Assam government on Sunday has announced that the couple marrying before the legal age or having more than two kids will not be eligible for the government jobs in the state.

Health Minister, Himanta Biswa Sarma stated,” Anyone having more than 2 childern, marrying before the attaining legal age won’t be eligible for Assam government jobs under new population policy.”

He also added that to be in the services, one has to maintain the same (condition of having not more than 2 children) till the end of the service period.

The aim of this population policy is for the development of people which are below the poverty line. Further the aim is also to decrease the percentage of child death, maternal deaths etc.

In India, moving from bal vivah to present, the eligible age to marry is 21 for a man and 18 for a woman. Serious punishments are served to the people found in such incidents where marriage is being taken place where girl or boy has not attained the acquired age. The punishment for child-marriage will range from 2 years to 4 years.

This draft population policy is seen as the attempt to control the family size of Bengali speaking Muslim immigrants.

More about Assam Draft Policy:

  1. Sarma said, that for emploment generation schemes like giving tractrs, providing shelter and other governent benifits, the scheme of not more than 2 children would be valid.
  2. On the part of education, he said that the policy aims at providing free education to all the girls’ upto their graduation.
  3. It policy will also seek to increase the marriageable age for both men and women from 21 and 18 respectively.
  4. The minister also added, if one goes for a child-marriage or marries before elligible age, and then he/she is not eligible for getting a government job.
  5. The policy also aims at protecting women from sexual abuse and certain violence.
  6. The policy will also have a provision for giving 50 percent of reservation to women in the government jobs.

And several other measures and drafts will also be added.