BJP to Complete Third Anniversary on May 26

Modi to Launch Bhim App

It is going to be three years of BJP Government on May 26 and BJP has planned to organise a month-long celebration to mark the date. PM Narendra Modi on Tuesday had a meeting in which he told “the party MPs to go out and “take credit” for all the good work that the government has done, instead of giving the entire credit to him”. He also said that the MPs are the first face so they also need to establish a good conduct among the people.

Generally, in a span of three years the government becomes slow and steady but this government has set a new trend and that’s the reason it is seeing the success from every part. The new idea, policies, rules have set a good record for changing and developing the nation.

PM has pushed MPs not to become lazy and to promote the government’s achievements passionately. Further, Modi said “it was the birth anniversary of Hanuman, a devotee of Lord Ram, and asked MPs to dedicate themselves to party work just like Hanuman who was a “dedicated social worker“ and did not expect anything in return for it from Lord Ram”. He also told them not to wait for his instructions before looking out for any government work for the welfare and development of the people and society.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also expressed his satisfaction on a successful budget session, which he said had been “very meaningful and useful”. He also congratulated the MPs for the progress of 21 bills in the Lok Sabha and 14 in the Rajya Sabha including the Goods and Services Tax Bill (GST).

PM’s Conclusion

He concluded that by 2022, he wants to see a developed India and for that he wants each of the members of his party to think about what they will do for the welfare, growth and development of the country in the next five years.

Another 17 state elections in the country will take place between the end of 2017 and 2019. In most of these states, BJP has a commanding presence. Yet, there are four southern states where the BJP does not have a major presence Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, and Telangana. But, with its planning and good-will BJP with the help of the campaign can mark the win.