Fuss by MP Dola Sen in Air India Over Seating Arrangement

Fuss by MP Dola Sen in Air India Over Seating Arrangement

Air India in highlights again with another Member of Parliament because of which the flight got delayed by 39 minutes. Last month it was MP Gaikwad and the AI seating arrangement and this time, it is Trinamool Congress MP Dola Sen, who created a ruckus on an Air India flight over seating arrangement as she was not given the seat she had asked for before the take-off due to which the flight was held for long.

About the Incident

Trinamoo (TMC) Rajya Sabha MP Dola Sen along with two more passengers was supposed to fly with Air India (AI 020) from Delhi to Kolkata; the scheduled timing of the flight was at 2.25 pm Friday. She paid extra to book a ticket of the front row in the economy class for her wheelchair-bound mother so that she gets more leg space. However, the seat allotted to MP was next to an emergency exit. Since only physically fit passengers are allowed to sit near the emergency exits, the AI crew requested Dola Sen to shift her mother to another seat and offered to upgrade her seat to the business class. But this was not accepted by MP and argument was started for the same and a result to which the flight was delayed by 39 minutes and left at 3:04 pm.

An AI spokesman said “MP booked the ticket on Make My Trip and paid extra for front row seats. She was allocated 11J, 11G and 11H. All these seats are in emergency exit row. There was no remark of wheel chair during booking”. This is the reason while issuing the boarding passes this was not considered.

As per the sources West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee was supposed to fly on the same plane back from Kolkata which made the airline worried. Finally, to give a full stop to the situation the pilot came out of the cockpit and used his judgement to allow the passenger to continue on the allotted seat.