Manmohan Singh was not a “weak” Prime Minister says Manish Tiwari

Manmohan Singh was not a “weak” Prime Minister says Tiwari

TIwari, who is the Lok Sabha member from Ludhiana and the Congress spokesperson, in conversation with the Tribune’s editor-in-chief Harish Khare, at the launch of his book ‘Decoding a Decade’ at Panjab University in Chandigarh said “My personal take is that Manmohan Singh was not a weak Prime Minister.

Congress leader Manish Tiwari says, Manmohan Singh was not a weak Prime Minister, but for some strange reasons he decided not to assert himself during the second term of UPA government.

He further adds, had he been a weak PM, he wouldn’t have gone ahead with the civil nuclear deal. But for some strange reasons, he decided, during the second term of the UPA, not to assert himself.

His attack on Narendra Modi:

He also attacked Narendra Modi using his words, he said, Narendra Modi doesn’t behave like the Prime Minister.

On PM’s remarks on “shamshan-Kabristan”, Tiwari claimed, I will try and be non-partisan, but unfortunately when you are seeing the Prime Minister of the country bringing down the discourse to ‘shamshan’ and ‘kabristan’, it does not really augur well for the institution of the PM.He also said, “It is one thing when you are campaigning to become the PM and it’s another thing when you are the PM.” He added, “Therefore, when you speak as the PM, in every action, every articulation of yours, that statesmanship should come out.”

He continues, “What happened in FTII-Pune, what’s happening in the censor board, what is being played out in the universities…It’s a premeditated, concerted attempt to adjust the national discourse and that’s the most worrying tendency.”

About his book:

The book is essentially a compilation of articles I wrote at various points in time between 2006 and 2016,” he told HT reporters. “I have tried to put the columns together thematically so that it tells the story of the tumultuous decade.