Modi Government Banned the use of Red Beacon from all the VIP Cars

Modi Government Banned the use of Red Beacon from all the VIP Cars

The Modi government has decided to remove the entire lot of red beacon from the car. There will be no privilege given to any car, thus removing the hierarchical system. There was a binary opposition between the people having car with red beacon and those not having. Red beacon become a trend or a status symbol amongst Indians. But fortunately has been removed.

Prime Minister, Narendra Modi says, “Every Indian is special. Every Indian is a VIP.”

Modi government after heading a meeting with transport minister on 15th April took this great move.

Finance Minister’s view on ban of red beacon

Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley says, “We have decided to remove the clause from the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989, that gave the Centre and states the power to decide who should be allowed to display red beacons. The road ministry will shortly notify the amended rules.”

The move made by centre was so alarming, that it made effect on Punjab and UP’s government. Yogi Adityanath and Captain Amarinder Singh have also decided to discard the use of red beacons from all the official cars in their respective states.

The new rule of removal will come in effect from 1st May 2017. The people belonging to the prestigious post Prime Minister, President, Vice President, Speaker of Lok Sabha, Chief Justice of India are exempted from this rule but only in the case of dire emergency. The ban even does not exempt the judges of Supreme Court, High Court, union ministers, cabinet ministers, chief ministers.

Soon after the new rule, Nitin Gadkari (Transport Minister), Nirmala Sitharaman(Commerce minister), Maharashtra Chief Minister removed the red beacons from their vechiles.

Nitin Gadkari speaks:

Raod Transport and highway minister spoke on the matter, “Usage of red beacon tied us back to colonial legacy. With lal batti removal PM Narendra Modi’s vision of new India took a step forward.”

Cars exempted from the new rule:

The transports like ambulance, fire services, army and police are not exempted from the new rule. They are still allowed to use the beacon. They will have to use blue flashing beacon on their vehicles to move ahead cutting the traffic.