Narendra Modi’s first Roadshow After His Win in BJP

Soon after BJP won Uttar Pradesh elections, it decided to go on a roadshow and address the people

A day after Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) wins in Uttar Pradesh and Uttrakhand, Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a roadshow on Sunday. In Uttar Pradesh BJP won 325 seats out of 403 seats. And in Uttrakhand, possible chief ministerial candidates are Satpal Maharaj, Trivendra Singh Rawat and Prakash Pant.

About the Roadshow held by BJP members:

The roadshow started from Le Meridien till BJP’s office/ headquarters on Ashoka Raod (Parliamentary road). It was a long 1km stretch.

BJP decided to opt for roadshow keeping in mind the sentiments of the workers who wanted a direct interface with PM, who according to party men led them to the massive victory in assembly elections.

Modi said, ‘new India’ is emerging and it stands for development.

BJP leader addressed, ‘I thank the people of the five states and tell them that we won’t let down the faith you have placed in us. BJP leaders will never let you down. ‘

Further he said, ‘a government is made with “Bahumat”(majority) but it runs through “sarvamat”(unanimity). Ours is a government for all. He added,’ The BJP is for those who voted for us. It is equally a party for those who didn’t.’

BJP chief Amit Shah addresses, “the election results have affirmed people’s faith in PM Modi’s development agenda. This is the biggest victory since 1947. The victory is bigger than our win in 2014.’ He further added, ‘ I saw people’s faith in PM Modi. For the first time since independence, a leader has come out with such schemes for the poor. We will not let the people down. We will ensure that Modi wave goes all the country.’