Struggles Sasikala Faces after Jayalalithaa’s Death

Struggles Sasikala Faces after Jayalalithaa’s Death

It is remarkable that since MGR chip off from the DMK and established the AIADMK in 1972, the party had a boom because of the popular appeal of its leading personalities, both MGR and Jayalalithaa.

Soon after Jayalalithaa’s death, it was rumored that Sasikala’s chances of becoming the next CM will rise soon. But being in the political era, is not easy. So is for Sasikala. Even she is facing some challenges in her political life.

Lets look at the challenges she is facing in her political life.


Sasikala doesn’t have Jayalalithaa’s charisma. Not just the appeal, she lacks the political experience in the field. No doubt that Jayalalithaa gained the experience through years of guardianship under MGR whereas, Sasikala comes across as a cloistered and dour personality.

Baggage of family

For Sasikala, another disadvantage is the “baggage” of a family, which Jayalalithaa never had.

Less managerial skills

If Sasikala falls, it will be either because of her inability to attract the large gathering or a failure to exhibit administrative skills. With all these she might not be able to stand for long in such a high position.

Just an option

For the present, the AIADMK members may have appointed her as the party chief as a respect to their former leader Jayalalitha and further also to protect the brand “AIADMIK”.

Mistress as a ruler not a widow

It is after all the voters who have the final say in a democracy and in 1989 it used to be said that they chose the mistress instead of the widow as described by the sources.

Her equation with others

The transfer of power from Jayalalithaa to O. Panneerselvam has been an uneventful thing. The AIADMK is apparently in a joltingphase because of the groping about Sasikala’s part and also about her equations with the Chief Minister and other senior AIADMK members.

After the death of Jayalalithaa’s and the following events there is an end to the beautiful era in Tamil Nadu politics, where the period of territorial mastery which began with the Congress defeat in 1967.