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Rice Idli

    Idli Recipe

    ‘Rice Idli’ belongs to the Indian subcontinent. This dish mainly consists of rice and some supplementary dals along. This dish is originated in the south of the nation. These rice cakes are generally eaten in the morning, for breakfast and are mild in taste. Many people choose to have rice idli along with different chutneys namely tomato chutney, coconut chutney, pudina chutney, ginger chutney and sambar as well. These easy to make  rice idlis are very nutritious and therefore one can hop on this recipe for a easy, nutritious, quick breakfast. These rice cakes i.e idlis are made by steaming the batter which can be made at home. If it is not possible to make the batter at home, it can be bought from shops nearby which make batter. Fluffy rice idlis are soft to eat and are made anytime throughout the year but these idlis, served hot can be best eaten in winters. Many people also make ‘Idli fry’ which are made out of the steamed Idlis, which is spicy in taste. Also, idlis are also made up using rava but in this recipe, we will see how Rice Idlis are made.

    Rice Idlis are easy for digestion and are rich in proteins and carbs and fiber.

    Time taken for Making RICE IDLIS:

    If followed correctly, the steps given below will take about 8-10 hours to prepare and 11-15 minutes for cooking. The prep time is divided into 2 sections as one should be done before the day, the idlis are to be made or 6-7 before. This might differ from person to person, variating by speed.

    Rice Idli

    ‘Rice Idli’ belongs to the Indian subcontinent. This dish mainly consists of rice and some supplementary dals along. This dish is originated in the south of the nation. 

    Course Snack Foods
    Cuisine Indian
    Prep Time 8 hours
    Cook Time 15 minutes
    Total Time 8 hours 15 minutes
    Servings 4
    Calories 110 kcal
    Recipe Author Sakshi


    • 1 cup parboiled rice, soaked
    • ¼ cup raw rice, soaked
    • ½ teaspoon fenugreek seeds
    • ¼ cup skinless split black gram, soaked
    • Salt for taste

    How to Make

    1. To make the batter drain the black gram seeds and fenugreek seeds in the first place. Then you have to grind the black gram and fenugreek seeds with half cup of water to make it’s consistency smooth. Transfer the entire spongy paste in a bowl and keep it aside.

    2. Drain parboiled rice and raw rice with 1 cup of water to the batter. Transfer all the mixture in the bowl (Previous one). 

    3. Now, the salt should be added for taste to this mixture. And now mix both the pastes finely, if hands are used, it will help to mix the mixture more nicely.

    4.  Once everything is mixed nicely, cover and keep the entire mixture in a bowl aside and let it stay overnight for fermentation. Keep it in a warm place.

    5.  Take two cups of water and pour it in a steamer in which you will prepare the  idlis. Stir the batter with soft hands. 

    6. Take the idli trays and by dipping your fingers in little oil, grease the tray lightly. Now, pour the batter in the idli tray in size, slowly. Fill all the trays in the same way and then put all the trays in the steamer. Let it heat/steam for another 10 minutes.

    7. After 10 minutes, get a toothpick and by piercing the idlis by toothpick check if the idlis are cooked. There should be nothing left on the toothpick once it is taken out from the idli. If this is done, then cover the steamer again and let it stay for another couple of minutes to cool a bit.

    8.  Remove the idlis from the steamer using spoon or something after it is cooled a bit. Store the idlis using a damp muslin till they are served.

      Fluffy fresh homemade and nutritious idlis are ready to serve. You can serve it along with chutney or sambar as desired. 

    For coconut chutney :

    1. Take some fresh coconut and grate it. Then the grated fresh coconut should be grinded using little water and made sure that the consistency is kept thick. Add some salt for taste.

    2. Saute 2 broken red dried chillies, ¼ teaspoon mustard seeds and ½ teaspoon skinless split black gram in 2 tablespoons of oil. Add a large pinch of asafoetida and 7-8 curry leaves. Pour the chutney in a bowl and cover for some time. Then mix this very well, cleanly.

    3. Some people also add ginger or some garlic for better taste. 


    Number of Servings for RICE IDLIS:

    Makes 20 idlis

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