to Boost its Sale Hold Workshop to Boost its Sale Hold Workshop is a global wholesale trading platform of Alibaba Group. It today hosted a workshop for the Indian resellers of Glold, jewellery and handicraft products to help the business to improve and expand in the global markets. The step seems to be a smart move. Lets see how it works in the long run.

According to the sources, “More than 350 resellers from these sectors came together to explore trade opportunities through e-commerce and mobile technology.”

Country Head, Chris Wang,, India said, “The gold, jewellery, handicraft as well as textile and leather industries are a major source of employment and revenue generator in the Indian market. The exports from India contribute significantly to the global market demand. However, we strongly believe that these sectors haven’t been tapped to its full potential.” He added, “By organising the workshop with sellers in Mumbai, Surat and Kanpur, we were able to showcase how technology can enable the community to grow their business and expand to the global markets in the most cost-effective way. ”He also adds, “By working with local partners, they want to support the manufacturing clusters in India to expand their export locally and globally.”

Lets see how much these workshop procedures help the trade business in the near future.