Facebook Fixes a Battery Draining Bug!

Facebook Fixes a Battery Draining Bug!

Have you noticed the battery issue on your smartphone because of messenger?

If yes, then you must know that…

As complained by many users, their phones battery was being drained along with the overheating of their mobile gadget because of the Facebook messenger app (even if it was not being used). After lot many complaints the issue was examined by the authorized team and has successfully been resolved. Facebook team says “They have fixed a glitch in its messenger app on android that was causing major battery issues.”

Who all were facing the issue?

Most of the android users faced the issue. Exact number is not known. But it is sure that only android users faced the bug. No other user was affected. Though, a tidy sum complaint about the problem.

“Shootout to Facebook /messenger apps for destroying 90% of my phone battery in three hours when I wasn’t even using them.” tweeted by a Facebook and Twitter user.


Vice President, David Marcus, after resolving the bug tweeted “problem has been fixed in the Messenger”. He adds, “issue was isolated and fixed server side. If you restart Messenger the problem should be gone now.” He further advises that if the user is on the Beta version he must use normal version to have a better experience.

What all steps to be taken to recover from the bug?

User must restart the application to resolve their battery issue, which was earlier, sucked by Facebook messenger. There is no need of update to an app. It was a server issue from the authorities end; which now has successfully been resolved.

The Facebook team assures the resolution to the problem, and if any user still faces such glitch can contact the authorities for further assistance.