Facebook Launched “Home” and “Explore” Tab for the Users

Facebook Launched “Home” and “Explore” Tab for the Users

Facebook wants to try the new timeline thing. In its beta release for Android and now for iOS, the social networking behemoth has launched an “Explore” feature. This new feature is similar to that of Instagram feature.

Reports by Mashable:

As per by the reports by Mashable, the beta version of the app is now divided into a ‘Home’ page and ‘Explore’ page. While the “Home” page is the regular timeline that we are all used to seeing, whereas the Explore’ page will feature photos, videos and posts that are tailored for your interests, from pages you have not liked or followed.

Why this new Feature?

The Explore tab is Facebook’s way of making the Facebook users watch more videos, memes, photos etc. whereas the Home tab will feature your personalized stuff. It will be like a private room. It will showcase the stuff that you want and limited to the shell you live in.

New feature is similar to:

Explore and Home feature was also present in Twitter and Instagram. Facebook also owns Instagram. So, they haven’t copied anyone, the following their own way.

Keeping in mind that all the things are not necessary to watch and not worth wasting time. Facebook users can now take the advantage of “Home” and “Explore” tab.

Now, users can see the separate tab for “Home” and “Explore”. Just look for the content you want in “Home” tab and if you want to scroll more, do visit the “Explore” tab.

Users can now strict to the only their private zone by using “Home” tab and scrolling there. It becomes the users wish wither to be in the personal shell or the exploring shell.