Flipkart and Facebook Makes App Lighter for Slow Networks

Flipkart and Facebook Makes App Lighter for Slow Networks

Flipkart claims of working with Facebook to help their users who are using the apps on slower versions or network. They intend to help their users. Their work is in progress keeping in mind the need of the subscribed users spending low-cost of data.

Vive President of engineering at Flipkart, Amar Nagaram said, ‘I am working with Facebook to converge our solution-which allows users to skip updates to apps- and there is a platform called React Native to see if we can share each other’s leanings and make one unified product for the developer community to leverage.’

He also informed that both the companies are working via open source. He added, ‘the whole idea was to make the site work on low networks, which means consuming low data, without compromising the experience.’

About 30% of the mobile users have smartphone and less than 30% use data to access the Internet on their device. Approximately 70 million out of 1 billion do not have Flipkart application, and out of that too, many use the low working 2G volte networks.

For the betterment of the users, company now offers an app like experience to the non-app users; they can now use the Flipkart site on a better speed without downloading the app itself. The company focuses on increasing the number of users who access the site by improving their mobile site version. This mobile site verison require less of data.