The Google-Levi’s ‘Smart Jacket’ Is Finally Dropping This Fall

The Google-Levi’s ‘Smart Jacket’ Is Finally Dropping This Fall

Everything is getting smarter these days, even the clothes. Goggle and Levi’s together are all set to launch the smartest wearable jacket. After smoking the concept around 2 years back in 2015, the company is ready to launch the jacket.

The jacket which Levi’s brought to SXSW this week in Austin is made in partnership with Google’s project Jacquard. The Jacquard develops conductive fibres that are woven directly into the cloth.

It will cost $350 (Rs.23000 approx), that’s because the jacket will be made from conductive yarn that turns clothing into a connected device. The conductive yarn can be woven into nearly any fabric including cotton, silk and polyester to give the final fabric that can be woven at any standard industrial loom. The commuter trucker jacket comes in both men’s and women’s size. Both Google and Levi’s promised that the jacket would be available in 2017.

The Jacket

The Jacquard commuter jacket is a dark denim piece of clothing having an invisible touchpad on the left sleeves called as a detachable cufflink to be connected to the Smartphone. The inputs are sent to the handset through the Bluetooth attachment to control music, operate maps, and answer calls etc by touching the sleeves with the finger. The jacket comes with a small, rechargeable battery that has the standby for 2 days .To the unknowing eye it will just look like an another variant of Levis jacket. The best part about the jacket is that it can be washed like regular garments except for the cufflink and also there is no danger of getting an electric shock as it is completely safe.

Words from the Google Spokesperson

“We have been going through continuous consumer wear testing to keep refining and updating the jacket and its abilities. We want to be sure we take the time to get it right and provide a great experience for people.”

Aimed at cyclists, this smart jacket will allow users to control their phones without even pulling it out from the pocket. Levi’s has put all possible thoughts to make it friendly for the cyclists. As, the back of the jacket is longer than the front so it does not show off much when riding. It accommodates a full range of arm movement and the cuffs are knowingly designed tighter around the waist.