“i” series “Made for India” by Transsion Holdings

“i” series “Made for India” by Transsion Holdings

Hong Kong based company Transsion Holdings has launched 5 new smartphones in India. The new mobiles launched in India are in “i” series. These series are i3, i3 Pro, i5, i5 Pro and i7. All these 5 smartphones will be available in color variants like Champagne Gold, Sky Black and Space Grey.

Techno i7 will be in the market from the month of May whereas other smartphones will be available from Wednesday in Punjab, from Friday in Rajasthan and from Saturday in Gujarat. The smartphone has been launched only in these three states by now through 129 distributors.

Transsion Holdings, Vice-President , Arif Chowdhury Says, “Our “i” series is made for India, designed for India.” he added, “India is a very important market for us and most importantly, we are launching a series of products, not one product. It’s easy to make one phone for India but to make a series for India shows how serious we are about the market.”

Specifications about Tecno i7

It is a 5.5-inch full HD smartphone. Techno i7 has a fingerprint scanner embedded in the home button. It powers 4GB of RAM and 32 ROM, which is expandable via microSD card. It also has a 16-megapixel of secondary camera and 13-megapixel of primary camera.

Specifications of Techno i3 and i3 Pro

Both the smartphones have similar specifications. The only difference is Techo i3 has 2GB of RAM whereas Techno i3 Pro has 3GB of RAM. The size of the smartphone is 5-inch HD display. It also has 8-megapixel of primary and secondary camera. The phone has inbuilt memory of 16GB.

Specifications of Techno i5 and i5 Pro

The detailed specifications are not given or released by the company.

Prices of all the 5 models of i series:

The price of Techni i3 is expected to be around INR 7,990, Techno i3 Pro at INR 9,990; Techno i5 at INR 11,490; Techno i5 Pro at 12,990 and Techno i7 at INR 14,990.