Mumbai Toilet Locator: Searching for a toilet is on your fingertips!

Searching for a toilet is on your fingertips!

What technology has shaped our lives, we all know that! But this is completely unexpected. Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation has launched an app “ MUMBAI TOILET LOCATOR” apart from just looking at cleanliness and hygiene of the citizens.

Yes, its true, now searching a toilet in Mumbai is easy and in your hands!

What all you need to have?

To use the app one must have an android operating system in their phone.

From the play store of your smartphone, you can search “Mumbai toilet locator” and Download the App.

And there you go!

How is this app useful?

Wherever we go, we often look for a loo, so that’s make an obvious reason to launch this app.

People will now less pee in the public place.

(Also a step to make your city a hygienic and better place to live.)

What all areas are covered?

Civic body has connected more than 800 hundred toilets (where you need to pay for the services) across the city of Mumbai via GPS.

If you are a rife user of an app like GOOGLE MAPS, then learning about this app will not be a hurdle.

An activist Anil Galgali, comments, “This is ironical that BMC needs to do this. Instead of launching an app, they should make toilets cleaner and hygienic for convenience of citizens.”


The app seems to be launched within less than a month that was added to Google Maps feature “toilet locator” for the citizens to search for public toilets in DELHI-NCR and MADHYA PRADESH.

This feature was added to Google Maps in collaboration with the Ministry of Urban Development.

How to use this feature in Google Maps?

To use this feature all the Google maps users have to type “public toilets” in the desired location and then the nearby toilets are displayed with the exact address and working hours. This amazing feature is available in two languages Hindi and English. Citizens using the app and the toilet can also rate the cleanliness and hygiene.

What all areas are covered?

In the cities like Delhi-NCR and Madhya Pradesh over 4,000 communal and public loo zones are added to its services.


It seems that our municipal is looking over our wellness and has taken a good initiative. It’s our duty to support and also review it for the betterment.