Still Confused About the Jio Prime Subscription?

Still Confused About the Jio Prime Subscription?

Almost everyone who owned a 4G handset have a free Jio sim with them and have been enjoying the free voice and free 4G data over a past few months. Now the offer is soon going to be a paid affair as confirmed by Chairman of Reliance Jio Mr. Mukesh Ambani.

The deadline of free services will be till 31st march 2017, what after that is the big question among all the users today.

“Congrats! You are eligible for Jio Prime subscription”, this is a flash message that has been seen 6 to 7 times a day, what the message is all about. Here are certain facts you should know about the Rs.99 for a year prime upgradation.

There are certainly cool offers for the users who upgrade it to prime subscription. Once you upgrade you will be eligible to continue with the services of the activated sim, but you have to further recharge with Rs. 303 for one month for 28 GB 4G data which isn’t a bad deal. There is one more offer of Rs.499 per month for 56GB data and only Rs. 99 recharge is not enough, if you will do that you will get incoming call and SMS for a certain period then your number will be deactivated.

And the free outgoing service will also end if you don’t recharge after Rs.99, there will be no free incoming outgoing voice call service available.

And after a month of recharge if you refused to recharge further then your number will be disconnected after a point of time.

In case you don’t want to go for Rs.99 membership, then you can also continue with the service which has comparatively higher rate plans than prime membership after 31st march. If you don’t upgrade to prime and refuse the other recharge option then also after a set of period your number will be deactivated.

Cashback Concept

Reliance Jio has also announced cashbacks for Jio Prime subscriptions and recharges. These cashbacks are only applicable on payment through Jio Money. Jio said that the cashback offer started from March 15 and is a limited period offer. The customer can redeem the discount voucher received only on the Jio Plan recharge for the value of Rs. 303 or more. Now, all concepts must be pretty clear about the Jio prime and it’s completely good to go for this. If in the network area this is pretty cheap plan to use.