Uber is Planning to Launch Flying Cars by 2020

Uber is Planning to Launch Flying Cars by 2020

Uber says it has a plan to launch flying cars. Such cars will be made to move easily all around the city. The partner cities, which are working with Uber outside India, are Dubai.  Uber said, “The goal of these partnerships is to develop a new on-demand VTOL network to enable customers in the future to push a button and get a high-speed flight in and around cities.” The chief of the company said, “What started as a simple question ‘why can’t I push a button and get a ride?’ has turned, for Uber, into a passionate pursuit of the pinnacle of urban mobility — the reduction of congestion and pollution from transportation, giving people their time back, freeing up real estate dedicated to parking and providing access to mobility in all corners of a city.” He added, “Urban aviation is a natural next step for Uber in this pursuit, which is why we are working to make push a button, get a flight a reality.”

Uber’s aim is to have manifestation plant in Dubai for the 2020 World Expo within the city.

Uber seem to have partnership with US based Bell Helicopter Brazilian manufacturer Embraer and Slovenia’s Pipistrel for the production of Uber’s flying machine running to cover a short distance. “The partnership will result in everything from hover and forward flight tests to actual flight operations in the Dubai area”, said the officials in the records.

Apart from flying car mission, Uber is also on the mission on launching self-driving cars. For the same, it has also started the testing in three of the US metro areas.

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