WhatsApp Bringing Back the Text-Status Feature

WhatsApp bringing back the text-status feature

It’s been 8 years WhatsApp was introduced and since then it is the largely used application across the world.

WhatsApp has upgraded many features in the past years, including the voice call and video call which is easy and convenient to use.

Last month, WhatsApp came up with a new change in the App. The world went crazy over the new status update, which has the feature to broadcast images, gif reflecting for the next 24 hours to the receiver as well as the user as the status update. There are also the options to add text, emoticons and to reply to the same post.

But, this new update of the App was not appreciated or liked much; people wanted the text-status update to return to the WhatsApp. With a lot of criticism from many users, the company very quickly realized that the change can’t be forced down to the users and soon they started working to bring back the old text-status to the App.

Company is yet to launch the update, supporting all the version of the Smartphone. But as of now the feature has been updated in the latest beta version of the App on android.

If one can’t wait for the stable launch, can try out the WhatsApp beta version 2.17.95 to find the text-only status update within the App.

However, it is not called as “status” now. It goes by the name “About”. Earlier this feature was available directly under the three vertical dots, is now available only under the “profile” section.

To view or update ‘About’

Go to settings, and then tap on your profile picture. You will see your old status which you used before the feature was removed; back as ‘About’. But, here the cherry on the cake are the old status that was used before as WhatsApp didn’t delete them, so all the status can be seen by the user.

Coming back of the text-status feature as ‘About’ will not remove the new status feature added.

Other update

To make the option of video call easily visible to the users, WhatsApp is testing a separate button for both video call and voice call in the latest beta version of android. The new WhatsApp video call button replaces the attachment button that used to be next to the call button. The attachment button now has been shifted to the bottom beside the camera icon alongside the text bar.