Whatspp’s New Update Similar to Snapchat and Instagram

Whatspp’s New Update Similar to Snapchat and Instagram

Whatsapp has been a great hit since its release. Users have been using it and enjoying it. Whatsappp has become the great platform for the communication.  It has actually replaced the “messages” mediumof communication. Whatsapp with all the new update has evolved as the “trend” among the users. Previously, the Whatsapp released with the free calling and video-calling feature. Not just this, going with the trend, it has now come up with “update in status.”

Whatsapp is making a change for its users. The change will be seen via the whatsapp update. This update is very similar to that of Snapchat and Instagram.

What is the update about?

The update will change the “status” looks. This will completely change the look of the status screen of whatsapp.

About the new feature of Whatsapp status:

The whatsapp new status feature is changed from whta it was before. With the new update, users can scroll up and down the page. This scrolling is similar to that of “Facebook” and “Instagram”. The way, your friends scroll down the page for news feeds, similarly, it can be done with Whatsapp.

With the new feature, users can upload the photos, GIF’s, videos, drawings, emoticons and a caption on the status bar. This upload will be visible to the users contact for 24 hours.

The best part of Whatsapp video is, 45 seconds one video can be uploaded unlike previously 10 seconds video on Instagram and Snapchat.

By Friday, every Whatsapp user will have this new update and can experience this “new whatsapp status update.”

WhatsApp spokesperson told FORBES,” As a utility, we’re focused on building features that will be used around the world by our 1.2 billion users, Over time, we’ve seen a big uptick in users sharing rich content, such as photos, videos and GIFs on WhatsApp. We wanted to offer an simple, secure, and reliable way for people to share this type of content with all their contacts at once.”

The next amazing feature in Status update:

Your friends can now reply on the “status” by tapping on the reply button. This reply will be sent as the new whatsapp message.

Note: This news feeds and status will be “end-to-end encrypted.”